Pancho Alphonse came here over 12 years ago when he was just a kitten. Although Pancho is an office cat, his heart belongs firmly to our general manager, and he can almost always be found on her desk. When she’s gone on vacation, he will sit and stare at us with his big round eyes as if we’ve done something with her! Pancho is eerily silent, rarely making a sound, but he’s always watching us. Pancho used to be one of our supermodels, always posing whenever the camera was brought out, but he’s starting to show his age, so we mostly let him “supervise” now.Kali Kat came to us a few years ago with her “brother” Spike when their owner passed away. Kali hangs out with Kelly, who writes our E-News and much of the content on our website. Kelly took her home for several months, but Kali was very unhappy there and so was Kelly’s other cat, Daisy, and so was Kelly’s husband because Kali Kat would cry very loudly in the middle of the night. So Kali returned to Cat Claws and everyone was much happier. Kali is a total catnip JUNKIE, but unfortunately, her dark face makes her difficult to photograph, so she doesn’t model our products very often.
Spike is a gorgeous long-haired tabby with white socks. He came to us several years ago with his “sister” Kali when their owner passed away. Spike is quite friendly but when he visits our desks, he likes to take up the WHOLE space, so we usually have to shoo him away. Although he’s a very attractive guy, Spike doesn’t really care for modeling, preferring to snooze the day away.Josh came to us in 1995, when he was a tiny 6-week old kitten. He was one of the prettiest kittens we’ve ever had here at Cat Claws, but he’s never really co-operated with us when it comes to photo shoots. Josh is a very unusual cat. He LOVES visitors, and if you ever come to visit us, most likely he will follow you around begging for attention with his odd, pale, blue-green eyes. He does NOT, however, like most of us, and if you even THINK about trying to administer some type of medication, Josh will disappear in a flash. It’s as though he has ESP. He spends most of his days in the cat trees by our front windows, enjoying the warm sunshine.
Twix was a kitty we rescued during a TNR (trap-neuter-release) program in 2002. After he had been neutered and his ear notched for identification, we realized that he was not a feral kitty, but was rather well socialized, so we decided to keep him. He has done some wonderful modeling for us in the past, especially with scratching pads, but a few years ago he became ill and had to spend several days with the vet. When he came back, he was very mistrustful of us, and although he has gotten a little better, we’ve never been able to completely overcome his anxieties.Peek A Boo is a lovely cream-colored tabby, with four white feet. She belonged to an employee, but because his new wife was allergic, Peek A Boo came to live with us. She likes people but she won’t normally seek out attention. She is content to snooze in her favorite cat tree and let us come to her. Peek A Boo recently had a big adventure – she escaped from our office and spent nearly a week outside! She was too fearful to leave her hiding spot, but our manager’s son was finally able to coax her out. She was so happy to be back, she made the rounds greeting us all!


Gehn showed up at the door about 10 years ago and just walked on in like he’d always been here. Gehn is a great cat, very sweet and friendly and has a streak of curiosity that gets him closed up in a cabinet or desk drawer every once in a while. A lovely blue-eyed flame point, Gehn used to do a LOT of modeling for us, but like many of our cats, he’s getting on up there in years and prefers to spend the day napping on Cheryl’s desk.Lefty was tossed into our office one night while the cleaning crew was here. His right front leg was paralyzed, and his broken jaw had mended crookedly, most likely from an encounter with a car. Eventually, we had his leg removed to make him more comfortable, and he has been doing great ever since. Lefty has a great personality and loves people, but he and Pancho don’t get along too well, so we have to separate them occasionally. A funny thing about Lefty is his tongue – due to his crooked jaw, when he grooms or drinks water, his tongue comes out sideways!
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Hobie was left taped in a cardboard box with her three kittens on the edge of our parking lot on a hot summer day. We were lucky to find them and rescue them before it was too late. Her kittens were all adopted out, but it appears Hobie will remain with us. She is very sweet and is enjoying the “good life,” putting on some weight and snoozing the day away.Willie was trapped several years ago in a neighborhood that was overrun with cats, and was taken immediately to the vet because of an infected eye. Thankfully, the vet was able to save his eye, but it is a little misshapen and so he doesn’t often appear in our photos. That’s a shame, because he’s quite a handsome, small-framed cat with a crisp, scrupulously clean black and white coat. He is one of Billy’s “groupies”, and can usually be found following Billy or in his favorite cat tree right by the front door.
We think Eddie is a “return” from our adoption project since he was found at the post office in one of our cardboard carriers. Eddie is a handsome, quiet guy who loves to be petted, but doesn’t make a pest of himself. He is great to work with when we’re taking pictures, so you’ll see him modeling quite a few of our products.Kate is a quiet girl with large round eyes. She’s a very sweet and personable cat who doesn’t demand a lot of attention, but she often gets it. She’s become a bit “hefty” since she came here in 2006, but she loves to curl up in any sort of box or bed she can find, no matter how small. She often tries to turn our coats into beds, trying to knead them as they hang from the backs of our chairs, which often results in one of her claws getting “hung up.” She’ll sit patiently hanging there until someone comes along to rescue her!
lil jimmy chickens
Rusty was dumped in our parking lot, barely five weeks old, with matted eyes and a runny nose. It seemed as though he would never grow, but one day we realized he had become a big, handsome guy! He’s incredibly sweet and easygoing, so he’ll be featured in our photos, hopefully, for many years to come.Junior is beautiful tuxedo cat who is very long and tall. He’s a rather quirky cat, in that he likes to be petted, but he doesn’t like us to get very close to him. So the only way we can pet him is to “sneak up” on him. Then he enjoys it so much that he will follow us around the office begging for more! Because of his fear, he doesn’t often appear in our photos, which is a shame because he is such a good-looking fellow. He’s another one of Billy’s “groupies,” and can often be found following Billy around.
Rafter is so named because he spent his first three years at Cat Claws hiding in the rafters of our back room. We would see him occasionally early in the morning or late in the day, or perched on a beam overhead, so we knew he was doing okay. About a year ago, Rafter decided he’d had enough of the back room and has now made himself comfortable in our cat tree jungle. He still wants nothing to do with people, but he seems content, so we leave him to his own devices.Spot is a very unusual cat. He came to us about 2004 as a young kitten, a little shy, but friendly. After an illness and a long vet stay a few years ago, he is completely different and now wants nothing to do with us. He hangs out in the back room or in the cat tree jungle, content to hang out with the other “unfriendlies.”
(shown on our M.A.X. Sofa)
Tibby is a lovely mackerel tabby who was brought to us as a very small, very wet kitten by our local animal control officer. Although we kept her caged for quite a while, she resisted our attempts at socialization until we finally decided it was a futile effort. Tibby was originally named Tommy, because we thought she was a he (it’s not easy to determine the sex of a kitten who is trying to scratch your eyes out!), but a trip to the vet to be neutered showed us our error. Tibby is another one of Billy’s groupies (seriously, he’s like a rock star!), and otherwise hangs out in the cat tree jungle.

(Shown on our Cat Claws Scratching Pad)
Wow, what a beautiful cat! Casper (Gigantor) came to us in March of 2006 and has pretty much made himself at home. In his household, Casper was the only cat, so now he would much prefer that he be the only cat around. Other than that he has adjusted just fine. He tolerates people and likes a few of the other cats but is a bit spooky. Casper likes to do his own thing without human interference. He is happy being in the presence of people without getting attention from them.
Mick and his brother Keith (get it? Mick and Keith, Rolling Stones?) arrived as scrawny kittens who very quickly made themselves at home. They used to gang up and terrorize some of the office cats, which earned them the nickname “the little red devils.” They’ve calmed down considerably since their kitten days. Mick has the sweetest, girliest meow you can imagine, and is quite easy to work with, so he is featured with a lot of our products.Keith and his brother Mick were named by our customers through an online naming contest we held. They’re so similar, it can be difficult to tell them apart, but Keith is a bit bigger and lighter in color than Mick. Keith is a really easygoing cat, who enjoys sprawling on the tops of our chair backs, legs dangling, snoozing away.
Patch is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He can be very sweet and loving, but most of the time he tries to claw us to pieces! He really isn’t mean; he just wants to play and never learned how to “play nice.” (That’s why I always recommend getting two kittens, so they will teach each other the limits of rough behavior.) Patch really likes catnip, so we can occasionally entice him to pose for us playing or scratching.Cringer is a lovely girl who defies description. We’re not sure whether to call her a gray tabby, a dilute calico or something else, but we DO know she is a sweet, pretty girl. Cringer is about three years old and has done quite a bit of modeling since she arrived as a small kitten. Her easy-going personality makes her a natural!
Kitty Meuwington Smythe arrived with her 2 siblings who were adopted out. She decided to stay and was named by our web guy, who happens to be British. (Who else would name a cat Kitty Meuwington Smythe?) Meuwington was taken from her mother really too young, and has never quite managed to overcome her rough start in life, and has remained a small, delicate girl. She’s very friendly, but likes to do her own thing, so we’re always surprised when she jumps in our laps to pay us a visit.Buster is a very personable cat. His luckiest day was when he was caught in a fox trap; it lost him his leg, but it gained him a home here at Cat Claws. Buster LOVES our office chairs and thinks they all belong to him. He loves to race people back to their chair once they are up in hopes that they will let him stay there. Buster has also discovered the joy of our Pet Steps. You’d be surprised at how well a three-legged cat can climb! He is probably the most well-groomed cat in our office because his friend LB grooms him all the time!
Stewart (or Stewie, for short) was abandoned at a local daycare when he was a tiny, scraggly kitten. He was so undernourished and stunted that we fed him baby food and yogurt to give him a boost. Unfortunately, he now begs for food whenever anyone is eating, earning him another nickname – Mooch!Biscuit is such a pretty boy, with beautiful blue eyes and unusual brown spots on his white coat. He had a pretty rough start in life, and came to live with us when he was about four months old. It took several months for him to recover and start filling out, but he’ll never be a big cat. Unfortunately, he was never well-socialized, so while he likes to be petted, we can only do so if we catch him napping somewhere.
Fuzzball is a registered Persian, and, as far as we know, our only purebred cat. He is probably the sweetest, friendliest, most loveable cat we have, a true lap cat. Unfortunately, he drools terribly, so none of us want him in our laps! Poor baby! He likes to sprawl out flat on his belly on the floor (I imagine it’s cooler that way) and he snores loud enough for all to hear.Ashley was brought in by our manager because she was causing trouble with her other six cats at home. Ashley is very pretty and friendly, but her manners are horrible! If someone walks past, she runs in front of them crying and begging attention. She also begs for food, chews up cords, and digs through the trash can. I haven’t even mentioned her “litter box” problems. However, I guess a lot of human models have behavioral issues, so why shouldn’t Ashley? She DOES do a good job of modeling for us.
Salsa is one of our youngsters, having come to us as a kitten in 2008. She is a beautiful calico and we try to get her to pose for us often. She is very sweet and friendly, and will immediately rumble loudly as soon as you start petting her. Her legs are oddly short for her size (but no, she’s not a Munchkin) but that doesn’t detract from her striking colors and markings.Batman (yes, we have a little boy around here) came to live with us in 2008 with five of his litter mates! We were able to find homes for three of them, and kept Batman, Salsa and Pepper. Batman is a big boy and quite handsome, but he’s a bit aloof. He loves to hang out on top of our computer cabinets, the highest spots in our office, peering down at us curiously throughout the day.
Pepper is a tortie (short for tortoiseshell, a coat of mixed black and orange), and like many torties, she’s a little stand-offish. She will seek out attention when she wants it, and otherwise she is content to be left alone. We do get her to model for us occasionally by tempting her with some catnip or toys. Hopefully, she will become a bit friendlier as time passes and we will be able to use her more in our photos.